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1. Black Americans Should Respect Each Other
Treating people the way you would like to be treated, should be a standard in the black community. In US culture, black Americans have fought and died together for racial equality in fair housing practices, in employment practices and in education. Black lives matter should be more than a tagline.

2. Emmet Till – 1955 Murder Victim
Emmett till was a beautiful, lively and loving son to his mother, Mamie Till. Till’s life was snuffed out by cowards who were full of hate and evil. The two men arrested for murdering Till were never convicted. The lack of a conviction and the global media coverage of Till’s murder had national repe

3. Henry “Hank” Aaron Needed Character and Skill
Hank Aaron helped people understand that the Civil Rights Struggle required character and skill. Like many black Americans Aaron was undoubtedly taught he needed to be twice as good and he was, but he needed more. Aaron quickly learned he needed strength of character for the ridicule he would endure

4. Irene Morgan
In 1944, Irene Morgan refused to give up her bus seat to a white couple who had boarded. Learn about her influence on American civil rights.

5. Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 50, Act of Defiance
When you are famous, you are not immune from social scrutiny and strong emotions that come from racial attacks. Beyoncé has faced several social media attacks about her daughter’s hair, her husband's looks and of course her last Super Bowl performance.

6. Executive Order 13166 – Overcoming Limited English Proficiency
If “all men are created equal” they should also be treated equally, whether they speak English, German or Swahili.

7. Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes. Teaching Kids About Discrimination
Instead of propagating a color-blind, equity seeking society that seeks to unify its citizens rather than tear them apart at race lines, religious beliefs, or gender structures, we may be choosing to hold on to stereotyping.

8. Civil Rights Newsletter Archive
Civil rights news and issues with a new voice.

9. Unsung Civil Rights Hero - Helen Fabela Chavez
In our last article we took a look at another one of the Civil Rights Movement’s most recognized heroes: Cesar Chavez. Yet, is it not true that behind every great man stands a great woman? This article will shed a little light on the life of one of the many unsung heroes of the civil rights movement

10. Civil Rights Violated by Los Angeles City Council
When the Shaw family sought to introduce legislation that would but a chink in Los Angeles’ sanctuary city flirtation, the city council was covertly (and overtly) vociferous in its agreement that no proposal would be welcomed at this time.

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